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i have bad credit, no bank account and need a loan for $1000.00 for 2 weeks?

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

i am moving into a apartment and need a loan untill dec.30

What happens to a $1000 deposit in an apartment lease?

Friday, December 16th, 2011

I’m 18, I’m a freshman in college, and things are getting rough at my house with my controlling parents. Right now I have about 00 in my bank account, but sometime in February or March I’ll receive 50 in student loans. I plan to use that money for living costs. About 0 of this money will be deducted for school, because the rest of my schooling is covered. The rent at the apartment I’m looking at is set at 9 a month, and I THINK it includes everything. I haven’t signed or talked to anyone yet. I am pretty sure though because that’s what the add said. I’m looking for a job, but my mom will probably take my car away, so I’ll to find something close to school. The apartment requires a 00 deposit. What is done with that money? Does that include first months rent or not?
Also, any opinions or suggestions on my current situation? Do you think it’s a bad idea for me to move out? My parents really are horrible to me. They tell me that I can only drive to school and home. It’s ridiculous. Thank you!

what rights do i have??? ?

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

I moved into his brother’s apartment on sept. 7th 2008. No lease contract was signed agreeing to the any terms.just the amount of 0.00 to be paid to my brother on each of my monthly pay dates! This was a verbally agreed upon transaction between my brother and I. He is payed when i recieve my monthly salary. both myself and brother are paid firefighters. New year’s day is an holiday so i didn’t get to give him the rent money. He lives only 1000 ft from me! every payday i go and LOOK for him and ensure he gets his rent money. At work today he asked me for the rent money in a pissed off attitude and demanded that i have his rent money by this evening. An argument occurred between us, now he’s telling me that he will be kicking me and my family out of the house. consider this!!??
Q1.- what are my rights
Q2.-don’t i have a grace period to pay the rent
Q3.- how long can i remain there if he wants to evict me
Q4.-I have the rent money,but i told him that i would pay him on the 7th of january. Am i in the right?
by the way, i’m just about to close on my house mortgage loan that he doesn’t know about!. should i stick him!!

HELP – need a personal loan, quick cash, ANYTHING by Aug. 9?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

I am in DIRE need of 0-00 by August 9th. Its to move an apartment. Not moving is not an option, getting a different apartment is not an option. We have no where else to go so we NEED this apt. Long story short, military screwed up on my husbands paycheck. (base housing also not an option.) The money thats missing, we can get back, but we wont have it back in time. We have tried to get assistance, but have failed. I have tried selling things, but there’s only so much you can get from that. I have poor/limited credit, and cant get a consigner. I do not have relatives to ask either. All the payday advance sites online that I have found are a joke. PLEASE PLEASE if someone out there is willing give me a loan, or any other assistance, or wants to buy my computer from me, lol…i am open to other suggestions as well.
no, the military does not help you when you need it. or else we wouldnt have a problem. if we could solve it that way, i wouldnt be on yahoo answers looking for help.
the computer is an extra one, we’re selling it regardless.

i have a credit score of under 550 and i need a short term laon for about 10weeks can anyone tell where to go?

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

i was scammed out of 00 and now we are going to lose our apartment and our car. can anyone tell me where i could get a short term loan that is legit because i out of options. i was denied loans from my call,american general and everyone else. please someone give some good advice

How Difficult Will it Be to Pay off My Student Loans?

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

I am in chiropractic college right now and i figure that when i am done, i should have about 5,000 in student loan debt, for the full 7 years of schooling. The average pay for the first year out of school is about ,000-,000 and at about 5 years, it is around 0,000 or so.

I have no plans on having children or buying a house. My car is already paid off. I can probably get a 00 a month apartment where i will be living. Besides that and a few standard utility bills and whatnot, nothing too expensive that i can foresee.

I know there are a lot of variables here but in general, does it sound like i could pay off my student loans fairly quickly with that type of finical situation?

579 credit score, could i get approved for an apartment?

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Im moving out with the boyfriend in about 6 months, He has good credit. Me…well thats a different story, I made some really bad choices when i was 18 and have 2 charge offs, I opened up an unsecured loan and have been making payments for the past 4 months and it shows up on my credit report as paid as agreed. Should I still try to apply for an apartment?

I need a personal loan.?

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

I am 23 years old. I have incurred a bit of debt. I have nearly ,000 in debt. Most people consider that to be minimal but the debt is detrimental enough that I’m not able to get approved for an apartment. A personal loan would really help me to remove these debts from my credit. Getting a personal loan would also allow me to pay ahead on some things and I would be able to easily make monthly payments on the loan. My credit, however, seems to be an obstacle. ARE THERE ANY UNSECURED LOANS FOR PEOPLE WITH POOR CREDIT; one’s that don’t require collateral? Now please don’t respond to my question with suggestions of saving or using some other source (I’ve considered all of that)….I simply want to know, from anyone who can answer from PERSONAL experience, if it’s possible to get a personal loan (not a payday loan) with poor credit..

My house is up side down, the market value is less than the loan.?

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Market value is 0K. The loan is 0K. Our mortgage is 00. My wife wants to abandon it and just rent an apartment for a little more than 00. We have good credit and we both have a good job. But the thought of value of the house being much less than the loan amount makes us very depressed. What are our options.

I'm a full time student getting married in December. How much will we need to make?

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

My soon to be wife and myself will be making about 1500 dollars a month. Our apartment will be 395 (everything included) Right now my car is paid off and she owes 1000 dollars on it. we have a baby due in April. Will we make it ok, can we afford a car loan so she can get a nicer car?

How to improve bad credit score?

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

My credit score is currently at (570), and has been for about 3 years now. Most of my debt is from Hospital stays and the doctors who saw me during my stay. I had no health insurance at the time because I barely made enough money to survive. I have also had a friend whom I shared an apartment with steal my identity and sign up for credit cards and use them as her own while she went traveling across the country. Up until about a year ago when I went to apply for a loan so I could get a new car I didn’t even know these credit cards existed. Apparently I am in about ,000 worth of debt. My boyfriend and I are moving to TAMPA FL next year and I will need to get my credit score up a little higher if I want to be able to rent an apartment. I make about 00 a month, 0 of it goes to other bills and I’d say about 0 goes to other living expenses. About 0 a month right now is going towards saving for a car that I need desperately in order to get back and forth to work. I basically have 0 a month to spare as of right now. My dilemma is that I am willing to work with the collection agencies that keep bugging me on a daily basis but all of them seem to want my bills paid in full. Out of the 3 hospital bills 00, 000, and 00 I don’t know how I can possibly pay them all off at one time. My question is should I start paying off the 0-0 bills (My Ex-Friends) debt or should I worry about paying the big bills off first? I making my student loan payments on time which is helping out tremendously, but I am just so confused about how improve my credit score within the next year or so before I move. What is the credit score most landlords find acceptable now adays and what about car dealerships? If I can save 0 a month towards my debt for the time being will it be worth it eventually?

My fiance & I are non-working law students and want to purchase a home/condo. Who might lend us the money?

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

More details to prevent some of the sarcastic/unhelpful answers I got the first time around:
We both have excellent credit.
We would pay with student loans
In lieu of purchasing, we will have to rent an apartment and use student loans to pay the rent – in our city, we are looking at somewhere between 00 and 00 for a one bedroom. Thus, purchasing and paying into something seems preferable to watching the rent fly out the window every month.
We were specifically looking for a program that caters to grad/professional students. We anticipate making over 0k combined in 2 1/2 years.
Please don’t answer if you can’t offer any helpful information. We know that this is not the best situation for home purchase, but are trying to work with our options.

I am worried about my student loans.?

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

I will have a very large outstanding student loan when I finish school. Payments are estimated to be 00 a month.

I make 00 a month now. I have my own apartment, car, and I support myself.

There is no way I would be able to live off of 0 a month for ten years.

I am trying to save up for an apartment closer to school also.

Should I put 10% of my salary into a savings so that I can move then when I am done with school be able to use what I saved to help with the monthly payments?

Should I get a weekend job and put that towards savings?

Am I going to have to take 2 jobs after school?

College loans help?

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

So I am going to college next semester I will be a freshman in a community college and was wondering how much loan can I take out?I need about 00 month for apartment then I need around -30 grand to buy a car to get to school and then the books and computers and all that other stuff.I was thinking about taking out grand a year and go to college for 4 years and then have to pay back 0 grand.I will be a rn nurse so I can make close to 100 grand a year.Is this possible?
Alos after a year or so I will transfer to a 4 year university

What is the easiest way to make 1000 dollars in a week?

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

what is the easiest way to make 1000 bucks in a week.

Right now I have a job but it pays minimum wage and i don’t make enough money to get my own place or a car.I’m only part time making a 7.25 rate of pay and I only get 20 hours. I really want to make enough money to pay off my college loans so I won’t have anything to worry about and can go on with working on buying a car, getting a apartment and getting started in the music and entertainment industry.

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