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Personal Loans, is it alright?

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Me and my husband and little baby girl are moving into a rental house long term (2+ years) until we relocate for my husband to attend Georgia Tech. We really need some help getting the initial process of furnishing our home with its’ utilities and furnishings since this will be the largest move we have made and only 1 out of 3. We were considering a small personal loan of about 1000 dollars to give us a boost, but the issue is that we, being young, do not have as much credit as we might like. We have some, but it isn’t amazing (me at 629 and him probably a bit higher, like 650-670, not sure about him though.) His job does not compensate him largely, he makes 8.50 an hour and works full time. He is the only one with a credit card, which is secured. Due to our lack of credit history and personal finances, is it possible that we could qualify for a small personal loan? What are some suggested loan agencies to look at? What are some to beware of? Will being denied affect our credit score adversely? Any information that you can give us to help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
My husband made a 28 on his act, graduated in the top of his class, and aspires to be an Aerospace engineer. While he has not been accepted yet, there is no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t have a chance. If he doesn’t get accepted there, then something is wrong, lol. He’s in a community college with me right now (more affordable), but he never ceases to impress his professors and doesn’t make grades less than a high B EVER :) That’s just where he wants to go and I said it because it is our plan.

Can i get a secured loan using an ipad 2 as collateral?

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

If I go to a local bank and apply for a 00 loan and put my brand new iPad 2 as collateral, would they accept that. I have no credit history and I gross 2,200 a month . So would they take that?

illegal or just outrageous?

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

i was just realty bored so started searching the internet and the quick quid advert came on, so i had a look!!

this is there website:

this is there t+C small print

Terms and Conditions apply. T. †Loan amounts are based on consumer’s credit history and ability to repay loan. Not everyone may qualify for £1000 ‡QuickQuid performs traditional credit checks, while still accepting those with less-than-perfect credit. QuickQuid verifies applicant information via various national databases. §Funds will be deposited the same working day, if approved by 14:30. ¶Approval may take up to 30 minutes in most cases. Payday advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution. Customers with credit difficulties should seek credit counselling.


Typical 2356% APR

is this actually legal?
why hasnt watch dog got involved??

1 pound at 2356% APR after 1 year is 2356 pounds in debt!!! why!!!!

(im under 18 and not even going to bother but im wondering if this is legal for a registered company)

Whats the best route to go for franchise financing?

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Me and my partner are both 20 years old, with about 20,000 worth of collateral between both of us. We also have the ability to raise limited funds through friends and family.

Were looking for about 100,000-120,000 USD to open a franchise. We are already approved by the franchise company, but neither of us have any credit history. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the next steps we should take to secure funding, I.e. unsecured business loans, angel investors, etc.

Any unbiased input is greatly appreciated!

What are my chances of getting approved for personal loan?

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

I want to obtain a ,000 loan to start my business. I don’t’ care if it’s a business loan or personal loan, though I heard personal loans are easier to secure. I will be using 50% of the loan for renting office space and the other 50% is being used for supplies and employee salary for the first 6 months of operation. I am 22 years old and have little assets.

Only few things I have going for me is 00 cash reserves, enough for 20% down payment, and a car worth 00 for collateral. FICO score is 710 and credit history is only revolving for 4 years, again I am 22 years old. Also I have a well written and researched business plan.

I know I should shop around but which banks have a higher approval rating than others? Should I ask my local federal credit union first before attempting conventional banks? Should I think about an unsecured loan rather than a secured loan? Are the things I listed earlier enough for me to secure a loan?

Help finding an auto loan with low credit score?

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

i have 601 as my credit score. i am 22 and had a couple credit cards go to collections which i eventually paid off,and is on my credit report as delinquent.charge off. i finished paying the last collected credit card off this past february. i now have one secured card and one unsecured credit card to help me re-establish credit. i just got qualified for another credit card to help add more credit history and more open accounts to my credit report. they are all minimum amounts of 300. i’m looking into getting an auto loan for a vehicle. my current vehicle is currently worth 3 grand. i need about 8 grand more. to pay off my student loan and receive the vehicle of my choice. i understand my interest rate will be high with my low credit score. are there any places that are legitimate that i could actually get qualified for an auto loan through? ive heard about credit unions and dont know much about their auto loans. do you have to be married to get an auto loan through them?

Please help me…about personal loan?

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Hi..I am an international student, studying in USA for last 8 months. I have one checking, one savings, and one secured account (only two months old) with Wells Fargo bank. I do not have the required credit history yet. I also have capital one credit card (0 limit). I urgently need 00 loan to buy a used car as because without having a car I cannot do anything in my area. WF bank tells me that I have to wait for another 10 months to have my credit history. I have also checked with chase bank, but they only give unsecured loan to resident people.

Can you tell me any better financial institution which can lend me that sort of money with my social security number, and employment information (I am working in my school). Mainly I am asking about capital one type of bank which requires less information for approving loan.

i want to put $1000 down on a $4000 motorcycle, but i have no credit.?

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

im a 20 yr old female looking to buy a new honda cbr250r for 00 at a local dealership. i have a good job although i make minimum wage. i can make the payments for the motorcycle but i have no credit history. i want to put 00 down on the bike. do you think i could get a loan, how can i make this work
i can afford the down payment, i want to put a 00 down on it regardless but do i need a loan for the rest of the money and will they accept me without a credit history even with the 00 down payment

Co-signer and Loan?

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

I am applying for an unsecured loan for the amount of ,500. I have been paying 0 month for a car on time for 1 year and thats the only credit history I have.

If I get someone who has really good credit (800+) what is the chances of me getting this ,500 loan?

Need major help with a student loan?

Monday, August 29th, 2011

after applying for Stafford loans and having 00 in scholarship. I need 00 more to continue at my college for another quarter starting next week. I am not eligible for a Pell grant. I’m 18 and have no credit history. My parents are unable to cosign a private student loan, and I have no one else to cosign. Are there any other options. I am desperate. does anyone have any ideas?

How Do I Establish Credit During The Recession?

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

I’ve been having a lot of trouble establishing credit, and its making things pretty hard for me and my wife. Its not that I would like to get a loan or use a credit card to live on or use for my expenses; its just the lack thereof prevents me from getting a home loan, a better apartment, or a new car if I ever decide I want one. We just got married and moved out on our own about 6 months ago, and the only apartment we could get due to my lack of credit requires so much of my paycheck that I barely have enough left for food. I don’t currently have a car payment because, obviously, I simply can’t afford it.

We recently tried to buy a house and ended up paying for an appraisal on a house we weren’t even able to get. Chase Manhattan, the *#$@%@$ bank that we were "approved" to get the loan from, had just recently changed its policy on Rural Development loans (the only program we could get approved for). Applicants must now have at least three credit references they have paid on for the past 12 months. So before I can try again, my best chances would be to establish a credit score.

However, NO ONE will give me any credit whatsoever. Some things I’ve tried but were rejected due to LACK of credit history:

* Wal-Mart Card
* Sear’s Card
* Discover Card
* Visa Card
* Capital One Card
* Shell Gasoline Card
* Mortgage With My Own Bank
* 00 Loan With My Own Bank
* 0 Loan With A Loan Company
* 0 Loan With World Finance (Who Advertises They Can Help You Establish Credit)

Even the loan officers at the companies I’ve tried have been stumped on how I can establish credit, including the mortgage company that screwed me over on the appraisal. Before anyone mentions it, no I don’t own a cell phone nor can I afford one considering I have no one to talk to on it.

So how do I establish credit? Its obviously impossible for me to ever buy a house, but at the very least I would like to qualify for a better deal on an apartment. It seems every company in the US has shut its doors to anyone in my position, and I’ve never even been late on a payment. Its not that I don’t want a credit card; I would love to have one so I could casually pay for this and that, then pay it back at the end of the month. Its just that there are no companies willing to give me the chance. A 0 pre-paid card isn’t an option either; I don’t have any money like that, and I’m lucky to break even after the bills are paid due to my outrageous rent.
Just a couple of add-on facts:

1. I went through a local mortgage company that sets up mortgages but doesn’t give you the money themselves. I got the approval letter from them, but supposedly they didn’t know that Chase, the actual money lender, had changed their policies.

2. When I was pre-approved, they looked at my credit history. If I was pre-qualified, they wouldn’t have. There is a lot of argument over which is which, but I was in the right here.

3. If I get a loan I plan to use the money I get to pay it back, leaving me only the expense of the interest. This would build credit.

4. If I get a card, I plan to use it for my every day expenses here and there, again leaving me only out the extra interest. And, I am NOT only going to pay the minimum payment as that is what causes so much trouble.

5. I’ve been researching the hell out of this. How do I get credit without applying? Just apply once every two years?

unsecured business loans for start ups who do not have prior credit history all over the world?

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

loans that do not ask any collateral who do not have any credit history earlier

i have an credit 690 an want an unsecured line of credit or loan for real estate?

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

i make 55,000 a year,i have good credit my lowest score is 690 an my highest is 709, i have 4 credit cards 3 are 5,000 unused and one 10,000 with 8,000 used on it car payment and i rent, i pay all my bills on time and want to use my good credit standing to get an unsecured line of credit or loan to invest in properties what would be an estimate amount i could get to invest, i was looking around 20,000 to 30,000, will this be easy to attain with my credit history.

I applied for a "personal" unsecured bank loan, but they denied it because of a "Limited Credit History"?

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

All the websites I looked at about "Limited credit history" are talking about people who have never had a credit card in their life. I have three credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, and a gas card), the oldest one (the Visa) is 5 years old and my credit limit with all three combined is like k. All are in good standing, no negative remarks. Also, I have a student loan from the US department of education and it’s also in perfect standing. How long until my credit history isn’t "Limited" anymore?
To Blah — Thank you for your answer. Maybe it is because they think i have too much credit. But that doesn’t make sense still because they said my credit history was "too limited" not "too big"! Also, the bank I went to was where I have had a checking account for 8 years and the Visa card is through them.
To Blah — Thank you for your answer. Maybe it is because they think i have too much credit. But that doesn’t make sense still because they said my credit history was "too limited" not "too big"! Also, the bank I went to was where I have had a checking account for 8 years and the Visa card is through them.

what can creditor do to me if i default on signature loan.?

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

I just can not find any decent information on this topic.
So I have an unsecured loan, actually 3 of them and it does not look good for me in the near future to keep repaying them.
What can my creditors do to me if i stop paying them? i understand my credit score will be shot. Can they sue me? If yes, what if they can not serve me? How could i fix my credit later on? For how long it would be visible on my credit history, loan it self and collections, if any?

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