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Can I get a auto loan if I have 700 on FICO score?

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

However, I only make a around 00/month because I quit my full time job to go to school. My husband makes around 00/month but he does not have good credit. Can we both apply together for the loan and get a decent rate?
I forgot to mention, we are planning to buy used 2011 car, with 000 loan, the rest we will pay cash. Is it better to go to credit union bank?

What needs to be off of my credit report to buy a house?

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

My fiance has a credit score in the high 700′s. My score is currently 640 which includes 3 bad checks that I did not write and have provided police report, letter from my bank and other documentation. I hope to hear back from the credit bureau soon. The only other negative item I have is an unpaid student loan of 00 dollars that has been in collections for 3 years. Does this need to be paid off to buy a house? Can we get a loan at a decent rate with our combined credit? We both make middle income salaries and have very little debt.

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