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Personal Loans, is it alright?

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Me and my husband and little baby girl are moving into a rental house long term (2+ years) until we relocate for my husband to attend Georgia Tech. We really need some help getting the initial process of furnishing our home with its’ utilities and furnishings since this will be the largest move we have made and only 1 out of 3. We were considering a small personal loan of about 1000 dollars to give us a boost, but the issue is that we, being young, do not have as much credit as we might like. We have some, but it isn’t amazing (me at 629 and him probably a bit higher, like 650-670, not sure about him though.) His job does not compensate him largely, he makes 8.50 an hour and works full time. He is the only one with a credit card, which is secured. Due to our lack of credit history and personal finances, is it possible that we could qualify for a small personal loan? What are some suggested loan agencies to look at? What are some to beware of? Will being denied affect our credit score adversely? Any information that you can give us to help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
My husband made a 28 on his act, graduated in the top of his class, and aspires to be an Aerospace engineer. While he has not been accepted yet, there is no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t have a chance. If he doesn’t get accepted there, then something is wrong, lol. He’s in a community college with me right now (more affordable), but he never ceases to impress his professors and doesn’t make grades less than a high B EVER :) That’s just where he wants to go and I said it because it is our plan.

1000 dollars a week without college degree?

Monday, November 21st, 2011

everybody tells me without a college degree or some certificate program i wont make more than 20k a year. i know im not the only one who stinks at hitting the books. so can anyone point out to a job that will at make 1000 a week with senority. im 21 years old and im willing to do hard labor and work tons of overtime. basically im a really hard worker but just not a student and i shouldnt have to scrounge and scrape for nickel dimes because dont have some stupid piece of paper saying i spent 4 years in a place that taught me something that cant even be applied to the real world. most degrees dont even guantee you a job anyway and there you go now in 100k in debt with student loans no thanks brother. my parents are really hurting for money and i want help them but i cant because i dont have a b.s. in science,business,etc. and thats exactly what it is b.s. and i applied for over 100 jobs no one is hiring full time. if anybody can at least give me some insightful info i would really apprieate it, because like i said my parents are in real bad shape and unfortunely the government doesnt deem them poor enough for assistance so its imperative for to get a job that will pay enough to pay the bills. thank you in enticipation and god bless you

I have very bad credit from when i was younger, where is the best place in the UK to get a small loan?

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

I am not bothered about high interest rates, but i need a small unsecured loan i work full time and get around 1300 a month i need a loan for around 2500 i have tried a few places but they all seem to want a processing fee of around £50-£65 witch does not seem right to me where would be the best place to go for a loan for someone who has very bad credit?
I was not asking what people think of my situation I am simply asking if anyone can recomend any companies?
these ones people keep posting seem fake to me they all have the same story, if someone could recommend one with an actual phone number and website would be much appreciated.

were can i get accepted for a loan in the uk with very bad credit/ any ideas?

Monday, August 29th, 2011

looking for unsecured loan i am currently full time employment ,

any ideas anyone about loans??

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

HI people, im just a student, i have always had a job through the summer, i have started a new job, its easy and i really like it, i want to keep this one through college as i find it hard without one. I have brought a car for 1000 euro and my bank told me they wouldnt help me out as they want to see i stick this!!and that i will be paid often! i have only been there a month and i am only paid twice a month. its full time for summer. I have been with this bank for the last 10 years putting money in and out. But is it you must be in a job so long to take out a small loan?? i think its a joke. over 10 years with them!
Is there any other way i can get a loan?

(i can pay this myself but will be left with nothing really for the next couple of months)

Does a student loan pay for living expenses?

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

I am looking into going back to school full-time to become a medical assistant or a medical lab. technician. I would really like to be able to dedicate all of my time to completing my education since I do not have kids.

I have about 00/per month worth of bills.. is it possible to get a student loan that would cover my education and living expenses?

How can I go about getting a student loan without a cosigner?

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

I have good credit, am a full-time student. I only want to borrow 00, but I don’t want to pay it back until after I graduate. School starts a week from now, and I need the money to get some supplies before school starts. Where can I go to get a fast student loan without a cosigner. Thank you for any help!!

I was wondering how much money my parents get for claiming me as a dependent?

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I am currently 19 years old, about to turn 20 in November. I am attending college full time so my parents are still allowed to claim me as dependent. Latley we have been having some money issues and I was wondering how much money my parents are getting each year for claiming me as a dependent. They make around 40,000 a year. My parents do not pay for any of my college education. They are expected to pay 00 each semester but I work an extra job to pay what they are expected to pay and I get nothing in return, I don’t even live with my parents in the summer I work in New Mexico all summer at a camp. The most I get from my parents is around 10-20 a month at most for gas or something. I pay for everything else and have 2 jobs…one to help them and 1 to have money for myself…so everyone that commented on this question by telling me to grow up, i have and i have loans….i just start to think i suport my parents more or as much as they suport me.?

** Personal Loans **?

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

I am 42 years old, single with 1 child, live in a rental home, I am full time employed with a large logistics company for 4 years. In September of 2006, I lost my parents in a car accident, dur to their fixed incomes, I have had additional debt and responsibilities placed upon me after their passing.

I have a small barn repair and roofing business that I work at on weekends. I am desperately seeking a loan to help get me above water and finance my side business. I am seeking a 5,000 personal loan, my credit isn’t that great, I ran credit reports on Monday the 26th, 2007, my Experian score is 657, Equifax – 649, TransUnion – 646, have no collateral, all I have is I am a hard worker and have been keeping up on my bills and other responsibilities. Is there any banks, lending companies or finance comapnies that could assist me with a loan, with repayment terms over a period where I could pay anywhere from 0.00 to 00.00 per month?

Thank You

I would like advice about a whole life insurance policy.?

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

I had the policy when I was employed full time at an area hospital. I am no longer employed there but still have the policy. I have not been paying the premiums and there is an outstand loan balance, over 00.00. What should I do about this?

Part time student and Stafford loans?

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Question! I am attending school this fall semester, my Pell grant of 40, will cover books and tuition. I’ve also applied for the Stafford to coever other expenses, daycare, etc.

My advisor informed me if I decide to attend 3/4 time instead of full time, my Pell will be 00, which would still cover books/tuition at 3/4 status.

Now my question: How much would I get in Stafford loans if i attend 3/4 time?

Example, my ONE YEAR cost of attendance for full time is 00, my pell would cover 00. According to the rules, a student can borrow UP TO the cost of attendance…in this case, seemingly k. (5k + 2600 = 7600, cost of attendance)

If I’m going 3/4 time, obviously the cost of attendance is not as much, pell is less, would Stafford be 3/4 as much as full time?

Where can I found out about Texas law re: unsecured loans?

Friday, August 19th, 2011

I was just served papers and am being sued regarding an unsecured loan that I had to let lapse about 4 years ago. With interest it’s accumulated to around 6K and I am STILL in no place to pay it; I am full-time student working a part time job.

I remember being told by a friend when I moved to Texas that they can’t garnish your wages let alone sue you for an unsecured loan. Can someone guide me where can I find out my options in this situation?

Using Loans to pay for an Apartment in College?

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

I am a full time student in college moving to New York City, to continue taking classes full time at a community college. I can get Chase Student Loan to cover the tuition at the community college, but what about my apartment, which can cost 00 a month? Community colleges do not offer on campus housing, so I cannot use my Chase Student Loan to pay for housing.

I am assuming I will need to take out a private loan.
-Which banks and private loans are great for us college kids?
-Can I take a loan without a cosigner (parents do not agree with me moving out), and which banks offer the lowest rates without a cosign?
I do have a good credit rating: 745.

-I have FASFA and TAP, the remaining balance is paid with my Chase Select Student Loan. I am 21 years old, good credit, and will be a senior this semester.
-I am working, and will be working part time, but I don’t have the time to make enough money to comfortably pay for an apartment.


How can I use my student loans to pay off my massive credit card debt?

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

I’m a 19 year old college student that (stupidly) accepted a 00 credit card. Over the last couple years I’ve been with and without a job and have brought the balance on that card up to 00. I am now working part time but I only make about 0 a month if I’m lucky. Fortunately I live at home so I have no real expenses other than my gas and my credit card payments. However with commuting to school and work I’m using about 0 a month in gas. That leaves about 0 to put towards my credit card each month, so any unexpected expenses go on the card because there’s no income left to pay both the payment and for the expense. My minimum is 0 every month and even if I spend nothing on the card I still get hit with a 0 interest charge each statement.

I’m going to community college full time and I’m using a combination of subsidized and unsubsidized loans to pay for school. For the fall semester I only got about 0 back and I put 0 in my savings and paid 0 on my credit card…which only paid off the books that I bought online. If I do nothing I’ll get 00 in loans for winter semester and will likely get the same about back, however I’m going to modify the loan to pay off a chunk of that credit card.

I understand that the loans are for student expenses; however I cannot work more because I am going to school and I need to use my income to pay for the things that are going on my credit card. I feel like I’m in a never ending cycle and if I get rid of the card and close the account I can just use cash for everything and be able to afford going to school rather than working just to pay off debt.

If I pay every dollar I can between now and January I can probably get the balance down to 00, and if I then get 00 on my student loan I’ll be able to knock out the card fairly easily. I plan to close the account after that and only keep around my smaller 0 card (which has had a {content} balance ever since I paid it off 6 months ago) for emergencies only.

Don’t try to talk me out of paying off the debt with student loan money. It really is a “living expense” because without this payment every month I would be able to afford my cost of living without the loan. Asking my parents to help pay off the card is also not an option.

My community college is only about a credit hour so I’m not concerned with the student loan debt being too large, people going to 4 year universities spend more on a single semester’s room and board.

THE QUESTION IS: When I request a large loan amount they require me to itemize the expenses that I need the money for. What can I put on the list to equal 00(original 00 plus additional 00)???

I realize that I don’t actually have these expenses but the school and lender don’t know that and I have no qualms with bending the truth.
A laptop can easily cost 00, books 0, tuition 00

Some of the questionable expenses: Can I list these as legitimate expenses?
Groceries 00
Transportation (gas, car repairs) 00
Rent 00
If I can list all of these my total is still only 00, what else can I list to equal the remaining 00?

I dont wanna get ripped off on a payday loan or title loan. But my credit is not very good?

Monday, August 15th, 2011

I am a single mother, unemployed, starting school full time. Where can I turn for help?

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