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Student Loans in additon to tuition and paying back after graduation?

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Just curious as to where I could possibly get some money in advance of this upcoming semester for student loans for college. . . I know that there are 1000′s out there . . .but what I need is money to cover extra expenses. . .gas. . food . .books. . .etc. . .and not necessarily tuition. I have seen many out there with like a month payment after graduation . . .but they ALL seem to go through the school first. I understand they need to verify that I am a student. . .but are there any out there that can come to me?
Just wondering. . .

What pre-commisioning loans (CareerStarter Loans) are available to future military officers?

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Looking for an unsecured, very low interest rate loan for personnel currently in programs that will lead to their commissioning as military officers. (Specifically NROTC)

So far, I’ve found only one loan:
,000 @ 2% with USAA
Need to be withing 18 mos. of commissioning
Payment deferred until 3 mos. after commissioning.

I called Navy FCU (NFCU) and eventually got transferred to the Anapolis branch, where they said the only loan available was for already-commissioned officers, within 1 year of graduation.

I have borrowed my limit in sub. and unsub. Stafford loans. Now I'm in a situation…?

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

in which I need loan money. I am receiving Pell Grants but I need more so I can get my life started after graduation. I’m thinking about appealing the Stafford loan limits of ,000, but I don’t know where to begin the appeal process. I have bad credit and no co-signer, so the private loan options is nill. After several schools and major changes, I am on track and will graduatate in summer 2010 with a bachelor’s of accountancy. I will be able to pay back my considerable debts once I am a CPA. But I need 00 just to take the exam. I need about 10K now for many things. Where will I get the money that I need?

A house fire destroyed my credit. How do I get an unsecured loan? I am listed on prosper but have had no bid

Friday, August 12th, 2011

We lost our home to a fire and because we were underinsured I used my credit cards to buy clothes and necessary items for my 3 children and myself. It’s astounding how much it costs to clothe a family when you have nothing but what you were wearing. The first weekend it cost 50 just to get everything we needed for a week. Now the cost of living has sky rocketed and with gas at .50 per gallon and my sons graduation I can barely afford the minimum payments on these cards. Although I pay every month I am often late and the CC companies add on a late fee which has made me over the limit on some so now they are charging over the limit fees too. I have contacted every one of these companies and although they have reduced my monthly minimum payment they are still charging these fees.

I posted a question a few weeks ago and was told to go to No luck. There are so many listings on that site that I don’t even think mine has been seen.

This is sooo frustrating.

After graduation plans- Investing, Student Loans, Buying a House, Buying a Car?

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

for a single guy (no kids) with a yearly income 0,000 and only debt is student loans ,000
1. Investing- would it be ok to max invest in a profit sharing retirement plan with a company that matches for your ? And also invest and max a Roth IRA plan?
2. Student Loans- after consolidation, would 00/month be a good plan?
3. Buying a House- what price range would be the best for a first-timer with this status and income
4. Buying a Car- I like to drive nice cars and get a new one often at least every 2 years. I already have a car I own, so would leasing be a good choice?
I also have excellent credit score. Have never been late on any payment. The area that I’m moving to upon graduation in May is Florence, SC.
PharmD- Pharmacist

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