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Student Loans in additon to tuition and paying back after graduation?

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Just curious as to where I could possibly get some money in advance of this upcoming semester for student loans for college. . . I know that there are 1000′s out there . . .but what I need is money to cover extra expenses. . .gas. . food . .books. . .etc. . .and not necessarily tuition. I have seen many out there with like a month payment after graduation . . .but they ALL seem to go through the school first. I understand they need to verify that I am a student. . .but are there any out there that can come to me?
Just wondering. . .

What happens to a $1000 deposit in an apartment lease?

Friday, December 16th, 2011

I’m 18, I’m a freshman in college, and things are getting rough at my house with my controlling parents. Right now I have about 00 in my bank account, but sometime in February or March I’ll receive 50 in student loans. I plan to use that money for living costs. About 0 of this money will be deducted for school, because the rest of my schooling is covered. The rent at the apartment I’m looking at is set at 9 a month, and I THINK it includes everything. I haven’t signed or talked to anyone yet. I am pretty sure though because that’s what the add said. I’m looking for a job, but my mom will probably take my car away, so I’ll to find something close to school. The apartment requires a 00 deposit. What is done with that money? Does that include first months rent or not?
Also, any opinions or suggestions on my current situation? Do you think it’s a bad idea for me to move out? My parents really are horrible to me. They tell me that I can only drive to school and home. It’s ridiculous. Thank you!

Why does the Federal Reserve pay interest to the banks?

Monday, November 14th, 2011

I was reading in my econ book a section that describes if someone deposits money in a bank, lets say 00, it must hold at least 10 percent of it. It goes on by saying that the bank will usually try to loan as close to 90 percent as possible because the Federal Reserve pays it very low interest rates. My question is, if the bank is holding money for the Federal Reserve, why does the Federal Reserve pay the bank interest?

Help 2 FHA loans, fannie mae, freddie mac?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

my fiance bought a home on which his mom cosigned the mortgage 2 years ago. Soon after she removed her name from the deed and mortgage so it wouldn’t affect her alimony as she was filing for divorce. After buying the house, his parents divorced and his mom and younger brother needed somewhere to stay so they moved in, and we also have a 4 year old which means all the rooms are currently occupied. We are expecting our second child in 2 months and with his mom refusing to move out, we kind of stuck with having to move an get a place with more room as we have no room for the baby. His mother was the cosigner on the loan, so with him being the borrower he can’t get another fha loan. The LTV is too high even though we are trying to move because our family is too large so we cannot use this exception to get another loan, and I have gone on medical leave so with me having no current income, I can’t get a loan in my name. We are down to the wire and need a solution, we have talked to a lender who has given us a few options but things keep falling through. The right thing would be for his mom to move out so we can sell the house but she can’t/won’t. her credit is bad and she doesnt have the funds. We’re cramped in a house with a 00 mortgage that we pay solely. Anyone have any ideas.
YES the property was refinanced into his name only. She removed her name from everything because she wanted as much alimony as possible from her husband and he gave the money to help purchase the house. The house iss solely in his name she signed a quit claim deed and they went and refinanced the house. REAL ANSWERS PLEASE!

what rights do i have??? ?

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

I moved into his brother’s apartment on sept. 7th 2008. No lease contract was signed agreeing to the any terms.just the amount of 0.00 to be paid to my brother on each of my monthly pay dates! This was a verbally agreed upon transaction between my brother and I. He is payed when i recieve my monthly salary. both myself and brother are paid firefighters. New year’s day is an holiday so i didn’t get to give him the rent money. He lives only 1000 ft from me! every payday i go and LOOK for him and ensure he gets his rent money. At work today he asked me for the rent money in a pissed off attitude and demanded that i have his rent money by this evening. An argument occurred between us, now he’s telling me that he will be kicking me and my family out of the house. consider this!!??
Q1.- what are my rights
Q2.-don’t i have a grace period to pay the rent
Q3.- how long can i remain there if he wants to evict me
Q4.-I have the rent money,but i told him that i would pay him on the 7th of january. Am i in the right?
by the way, i’m just about to close on my house mortgage loan that he doesn’t know about!. should i stick him!!

how am I going to survive with no money?

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

My husband lost his job and right around the time he lost his job we had to clean out our bank account to pay someone back.

That was almost 2 months ago. He still hasn’t been able to get a job, and we have not only been playing catch up from the bills we had to put on hold until I got paid, but we don’t have anyone to borrow from.

We have already borrowed from his family numerous times and can’t anymore, our friends dont have money, some of them don’t even have jobs, my family doesnt have money. We are surrounded by people that are either broke or out of a job. So borrowing is out of the question.

I have already pulled out a couple payday loans and weren’t able to pay them back. So those are now in collections.

I have poor credit and don’t have or can’t get any credit cards. We are surviving off of what I make alone at work, and it’s not enough for the 2 of us or to cover my bills.

I don’t qualify for financial assistance or welfare, I’ve already checked out the qualifications. Which is stupid because, even tho I bring home 1000 every two weeks here is what next paycheck looks like :

80 my paycheck
-0 – Rent
-6 – Car Payment
-8 – Car Insurance
-$ 85 – Our Cell Phones
- – Wedding Rings
(I don’t know how much my employer will pull for health benefits)

So see, this already totals to : 1,289.00

How am I supposed to get gas and food?

My company is struggling right now with money I am too afraid to ask for a 0 pay advance. Ive been here 4 years and know the owner well enough that he’s not in a position.

I feel like killing myself I don’t know what to do to survive my next paycheck

is it petty of me to want to break up with my boyfriend cause he has bad credit?

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I’ve worked so hard to get my credit score up to the 700′s, he wants to get married but i keep telling him i cant until he gets his credit up, he gets mad, then lets it go. he’s horrible with money. he gets those payday loans every month cause he’s short on the rent. He pays all the rent and i pay all the utilities cause he cant remember to pay more then 1 item. creditors call everyday cause he doesnt pay his stuff. i havnt gotten a creditors call in yrs. I’ve told him he needs to do somthing about it, ive even made out a budget where he can pay his stuff on time every month and still have about 200 left over to do whatever he wants. the next month he wants to buy something thats more then 200 he gets mad at me and says if i would have never made out the budget he wouldnt have to worry about spending more then 0, i was floored. i was like "what?" he buys these 00 on credit then dosnt pay it off. I’m sick of having 2 put everything in my name!

I made a bad business mistake, should I lay off employee?

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I made a bad business mistake. The worst and Now I’m suffering and in a bad situation.

I was set out to hire COMMISSION only employees for my startup business.
This employee convinced me to hire him with a base salary of ,000 per month. Well I was assuming that he can certainly get profits of over 00 per month and pay him his base salary from the profits he brings in.

Problem is company has NOT recieved any payment. It’s been 8 weeks now. No sales. Thank God I’m not in debt because I somehow came up with the money to pay him. But NOW he just made 0.00 in sales. My funds to pay him are now OUT. Now he needs to get paid 0, but I’m waiting on payment he brings in from the clients! He keeps lolligagging and saying the clients are paying him tomorrow etc.

I took out an emergency 0 payday loan in order to pay him! I am so streesed. I can’t even afford to pay anything for myself. I’m so worried about paying him. So should I just lay him off? Do I have the rights to do this? Am I going to get sued for laying him off. He’s only been working 2 months.

I really really like him. He’s great, friendly and personable- but he’s choking the company. I’m paying him $ we don’t even have and he has just made 2 sales. I signed a contract with him that he gets base salary.

Is it legally fair to switch him to commission only? I’m so stressed. Advice help
I’d like to add- He seems to be good with sales at his old job. He brought in several clients….But with this company he is not because it’s a startup and we are not established yet. And this is why I wanted to hire comission only employees.

PCSing to Ft. Hood… question about lodging and finance!?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Actually my husband and I are already here at Ft. Hood… we have had to stay in a hotel since the 28th of March and we have to stay here until the 13th at least because that is the soonest our house on post will be ready. They Army will reimburse us for 10 days of lodging but by the end of this it will be 16 days and we won’t get reimbursed for a while. We have spent nearly 00 on lodging. When we move into our house we have to pay a pro-rated amount even though it is on post that should be close to 0. My question is since we have spent just about all of our money on lodging and our other bills and move in on the 13th but don’t get paid until the 15th… does anyone know where we can get a loan for 0 but not a payday loan. We want to be able to pay on it over time. It would be nice if we could find somewhere that usually deals with the military?! Any ideas?!

I guess I should have been more clear. This is our first duty station. We recieved BAH while he was in training but the BAH here is a little more than 0 less. So that in itself is alot of money lost. Also, I really don’t know what dislocation allowance is or if we recieved it.
I guess I should have been more clear. This is our first duty station. We recieved BAH while he was in training but the BAH here is a little more than 0 less. So that in itself is alot of money lost. Also, I really don’t know what dislocation allowance is or if we recieved it.

Severe money woes?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

So, my boy & I have found ourselves in a LOT of trouble financially. His car was towed, which will cost almost 00 to release. I don’t get paid until next week, he just got paid and put most of his money toward the car bill. Meanwhile, things are not getting paid (bills, etc) and we cannot seem to get on top of things.

Is there any "quick fixes"? (not the payday loan advances) Is there anything that we can do? Obv he needs his car, and it costs /daily for it to sit in the lot.

We have been responsible, but things have happened to overwhelm what we both make. Situations in life have made things difficult. I was just curious what other people have done. (it’s my boyfriend, not my son, btw…and we live together).

What do you suggest?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

My husband and I are in a financial bind. We need at least 00 very soon to pay bills. Both of us work, but we had an emergency recently that basically took everything we had. Bills are adding up fast and we just don’t have the money to pay them. We are a young couple and don’t have any credit yet, and we keep getting denied for loans. My friend told me about a cash advance or payday loan. Do you think that it’s a good idea and how does it work.

How do I make my income stretch till the next payday? Especially if I have a car repair or something else.?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

I get paid once a month since my husband died in 2006. I am currently living on social security (widows death benefits) and recieve two checks. One for me and the other for my son. At the age of 16 my check stops. My problem is after I pay all my regular bills and things I just barely make it to the next payday. Recently I ran into a situation where I made a mistake in my finances and didn’t notice it till a few days later and I ended up having more money deducted from my checking account than what was supoosed to.

I had a bill I set up with automatic withdrawals on the account from online and I accidently added a zero to the amount to be taken out and instead of 0.00 dollars it was 00.00 dollars. When I called the company to have them give me back the 0.00 I over sent them I found out that they were no longer handling that account and it was sold off to another credit collection company. I called the original company which the bill generates from and they told me there was nothing they could do for me. I had other bills scheduled to be with drawn from my checking account and had no other place or person to get money from to cover the money taken from my account. I contacted the bank to alert them of what took place and they said there was not much they could do to help me.

I was told every now and then it happens and they were sorry. I was concerned for the bounced checks. They said they cover you up to 0.00 dollars before they return them but still charge you a .00 NSF fee. I was frantic and called my attorney and she said since it was my error it looks like I made the larger payment and there was not much I could do about it.

I was able to go to a check cashing store for a loan to cover some of the problems but I was still charged those bounce fees and put myself behind the 8 ball and now I find myself having to use the check cashing store regularily and I don’t like it. I went through my budget and tightened it up any place I could to free up more money to help stop the check cashing store loans to tie me over till next payday but it still didn’t help.

My bank or any other bank won’t give me a debt consolidation loan due to my credit caused by my deceased husbands debts he left me with that I had no idea he was racking up. I don’t have any friends or family who are able to help me as they are living on a tight budget as well.

I am not able to find a job part time since there isn’t much available here in my small town due to the economy. I can’t work more than a certain amount of hours due to receiving social security. And I make more than I would working a regular paying job right now so quiting social security to work full time is not an option for me. Plus I need some one to watch my son when he s out of school or there is no school due to school closings etc. He has ADHD and needs supervision. Finding a place or someone to watch him has been difficult. He can’t be left alone.

My friend told me she was in a similar situation some time back and she skipped paying a bill or two to eleviate the strain on her bank account and free up some cash. I said that is not a way to handle financial stress as it only puts you further in debt and then you have to come up with more money to pay the past due bills you owe. And if you don’t you end up with shut off utilities, etc.

My problem is how do I get out from my issue and not have to use the check cashing store month to month and avoid the fees they charge and be able to live on my income being paid only once a month. I don’t have credit cards to use because my late husband racked up several of them that I was forced to pay thru the courts because he applied for them online and added me as the joint owner but never told me he had them. So I am unable to have cards of my own and technically I don’t want any cause they only cause further financial stress.

I run out of cash before payday and this is difficult to deal with. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
I can’t go to a cheaper home cause this was given to me from my father before he died. I don’t have a mortgage. I have tightened up my budget every where. And my attorney doesn’t recommend filing bankruptcy.
I haven’t nixed anything. I definetly would do any of the things suggested if I could. I can’t get a loan cause the bank turned me down. I have poor credit which I am trying to turn into good credit. I can’t find a part time job cause I have no sitter for my son. I can’t find one. I have looked for one for 2 years and no one is available. My family and friends won’t loan me any money. They say they make it a rule to never let any one borrow money from them and besides they don’t have any extra to loan. My attorney said she didn’t recommend filing bankruptcy since it would only further damage my credit. I just ewish banks would loan you money and directly pay the people I owed and take payment out of my account monthly but they said my credit wasn’t good enough for a debt consolidation loan. So I thought someone out there would have had other suggestions.

I need a Car loan?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

I have bad credit and have been approved for a car loan they want me to put down 00. I can not come up with this money right now because it is all going to rental cars! Any suggestions…….NO Payday loans though.

HELP – need a personal loan, quick cash, ANYTHING by Aug. 9?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

I am in DIRE need of 0-00 by August 9th. Its to move an apartment. Not moving is not an option, getting a different apartment is not an option. We have no where else to go so we NEED this apt. Long story short, military screwed up on my husbands paycheck. (base housing also not an option.) The money thats missing, we can get back, but we wont have it back in time. We have tried to get assistance, but have failed. I have tried selling things, but there’s only so much you can get from that. I have poor/limited credit, and cant get a consigner. I do not have relatives to ask either. All the payday advance sites online that I have found are a joke. PLEASE PLEASE if someone out there is willing give me a loan, or any other assistance, or wants to buy my computer from me, lol…i am open to other suggestions as well.
no, the military does not help you when you need it. or else we wouldnt have a problem. if we could solve it that way, i wouldnt be on yahoo answers looking for help.
the computer is an extra one, we’re selling it regardless.

if i write someone a check with no money in the account will it go through and best online payday loans?

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

HI, I am trying to write a check for 1000 to someone but my chase account has no money in it rite now will it go through. Im tryin to pull out the money for them as a cash advance and deposit the money back within a week? I want to know the chances for the check to go through if i cash it at walmart. Need answer fast asap. Thanks if not what is the best place online to apply for a quick 1500 dollar and deposit back within a week?

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