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I feel like I'm being scammed, what do I do?

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

I got a phone call from a person saying they were from a company called Central Judicial Systems based in Spokane, Washington telling me to call a phone number along with a case number. I called that number and was told I was going to be taken to court about a payday loan (which I applied for but never received) in Oct 2010 for 1000.00. After I told the person I had no record of this deposit she told me to wait for a subpoena in the mail and then hung up. When I called the number back, I was unable to get a person on the phone as the number would hang up automatically. This is very shady to me and I want to know what’s going on and what my options are. I remember applying for the loan but I never got it and I have proof in my bank statements. Also being hung up on was suspicious as well. Are these empty threats? What do I do?

How can this be legal? (about Identity theft)?

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Ok so someone stole my identity almost 2 years ago. I put a fraud alert on my credit which requires that I get a phone call to authorize any credit inquiries and have not had any issues since resolving all of the issues last year. Now, I get a phone call 2 days ago telling me that I owe 00 for a Payday loan taken out in my name. They were really rude to me and obviously think I am a scammer when really I have once again been scammed. Anyways, here are the reasons I am confused as to how this could happen:

*Payday loan taken out over a website, not in person
*They listed my address in Florida
*They used a bank account which deposit was made to was not in my name
*The bank account they used is in Michigan
*The bank account contact info and home address as well as my name do not match
*They did not check my credit for a payday loan
*They are threatening to report it on my credit report in 5 business days if I haven’t overnight mailed a police report to them

So how can I be pushed into a corner over this?! I am furious. I’ve already filed a report with the FTC, made a police report, and I’ve done everything I’ve been told to do. But these people are demanding that I buy a copy of my police report to send to them (It costs at my local police station) and then pay to have it overnighted. If I don’t do this today they are saying they’re gonna report it to my credit in a couple days. It seems to me that being so careless on who they give money to should be illegal…is it? How can you let someone take out a payday loan and put it in someone elses bank account, and on top of it, its all online so theres no way to verify identity through picture ID. I’ve told them I am mailing the legal FTC affidavit tomorrow but they say thats not good enough.

Second issue is, these people have been torturing me for 2 years. They racked up a decent amount of damage 2 years ago, then last year I found out they "piggybacked" to use my credit by taking out a new home cable-internet-phone service in my name. It slipped though the cracks because I already had that service provider. So they didn’t have to run my credit that time either. And now they are taking out Payday loans in my name which don’t require a credit check. So how will this ever end? They could do this to me forever it seems like :( And I am trying to get a job at a bank but I would be denied based on poor credit over this. It’s really draining me of energy and I just feel like giving up :( What should I do?

P.S. The logical thing to do would be to ask the police for help, right? Well only if the police were willing to help, which they are not :(

What happens if my bank does not recievet he title to a vehicle I took a loan out on?

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I took out a loan to buy a 94 chevy silverado. It came as is no warrantty. 2 weeks after i had it the engine blew due to overheating that had occured before i bought the vehicle. Now I have no truck as well as i recieved a phone call from my bank after the salesman told my loan officer he would have him the title to the truck in a week, now it has been one month and no title. If no title is recieved what legal qaction can be taken by the bank as well as me. The bank has about 3500 dollars in this and i have 1000 but i have made a payment on the truck bought tags and full coverage insurance. So I ask what legal can i do in a legal standpoint about this ? keeping the truck doesnt matter I would like my money back i spent on it though.

what happened to you after you didnt pay your payday loan or do you know ?

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

does this vary by state or if so i live in virginia any experience or knowledge would be very help ful . can i go to jail ?
they payday place was done all online with my electronic signature so i did not actully write a check but i still know that i was committing myself to pay it back but i had some really bad hardships and was able to its been about 3months and today i got a threating phone call about being proacuted for check fraud i want to make payment arragments but they wont ecept want im offering what can i do ?


Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Had a phone call from go loans saying i could have a loan for 1000 pounds, but ov course they want 49.99 up front is it a scam or what. please let me no coz i can’t get a loan from anywhwere.

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