Where can I get a short term loan with bad credit?

I need a loan for about 00 but need 2-3 months to pay it back. After I got divorced my credit rating took a nose dive and there isn’t a bank out there (or even a credit card company)out there that will give me a loan. Does anyone know of any places that I can trust, that will give me a loan?

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One Response to “Where can I get a short term loan with bad credit?”

  1. Steven Says:

    if you have bad credit such as missed payments or accounts in collections you will not be approved by any bank or credit union unless you have something to back the loan such as a car grants and bonds or a savings account or a co signer

    and if you do a payday loan for 1000.00 you will be paying high rates of 30% or more and some payday loan places will pull your credit report depending on were you live to have proof of address and income and if its short term i would pay it back ASAP try a payday loan store in your area not online if you need the loan badly

    and or

    go to a pawnshop if you have computers tvs and other stuff and put the loan up to 1000.00 worth of stuff and if you don’t pay the loan back by the due dates they will keep your stuff

    and by all means do not reply to anyone on here offering you loans they will take a upfront fee and not give you any funds

    no bank or credit union or payday loans company’s will contact you on here offering loans by phone or email or on yahoo hotmail ect……

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